Monday, November 15, 2010

Ottie's postcard

Mrs. Elsie Carter of Frankfort, Indiana, received a lot of postcards from family and friends in the early 1900s. She saved most of them, it seems. The complete postmark for this one is illegible, but the others in the box are dated around 1907 or 1909.

If you read this one carefully, you'll notice that Mrs. Carter's sister, Ottie, is telling her that she is about to have the baby. It is early February.

"Well sister I got your letter I hope you will all be much better of your colds until you get this that receipt is for cake she baked it in a bread pan. it is real good for a dark cake. I thought that picture was cute Alta sent I got 11 eggs yesterday that is the highest for 3 weeks. Well I am alright this morning but I expect to be in bed in a few days so you can wonder how we are will let you know as soon as I can I hope for Good Luck. from Ottie."

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