Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wow, people, thanks for all the page views (which are huge for me)

Updated July, 2016. And come visit me at Pluot, where I have decided to do my part in re-booting Western civilization from the ground up. 

Well, who knew that I get 1,100 people coming here every month? Perhaps it's all just search engine "dings" -- does that still happen? -- or perhaps it's people who come for ten seconds and leave because they're disappointed. I used to have a terrible "bounce rate" when I kept track of such things.

Anyway I return too, just now, because I noticed another comment on my Pond's cold cream saga and I had to take care of it. Then I took a look around, noticed my page views, and thought I should give everyone a wave hello, and maybe alert you to my movements. 

I've finished my novel/memoir, after three years of work (plus my day job). I'm rather proud of it, even beyond the fact that it's my second. (You have access to Pearls and Roses, which I uploaded here after its I think fortieth rejection. Do all those rejections mean my writing stinks? One thinks not.)

Oddly enough I did have one person, a sales rep at my job where I am a wine buyer, very excited to read this, which is why after I printed it out, I brought it to the local FedEx office along with some pretty arts-and-crafts papers to serve as the cover, and had it bound for $5.72. Considering the price of paper and ink, the book you see pictured above cost about $30 to produce; if I wanted to make a respectable retail profit of 30% I should have charged my one reader/friend exactly $42.99 for it. But, she was so very insistent and I was so flattered that I gave just this one away. Besides, at least now there is another copy in the world, in case God forbid there is a flood (I don't say fire) in my house.

So that, dear ones, is where I have been and what I have been doing for a good part of my time, while I relinquished this blog and decided to concentrate all my writing at the food-wine-and-life blog At First Glass, which then crashed in January 2014 when I could not renew my domain name through Google. I think the problem was it required a smart phone and an app to renew, and I don't have either. So you can still find me at Pluot, rebooted and still eating, drinking, and living. Since I have finished my second book, above -- it's called Now Comes the Petitioner: the Story of an Internet Divorce -- I have confessed to my readers there that they must endure a bit more relaxed, unpolished stuff for a while, while I just sort of write what I feel like without all sorts of proofing and correcting. So I suppose I must warn you the same. Expect and pardon, please, the tag "unpolished."