Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who are the 29?

Once again, a tiny minority submit to sharia, Islamic law and its inherent triumphalism, on our behalf. Who are the 29 members of New York's "community board 1" who voted to approve plans for a 15- storey mosque practically at the site of the World Trade Center? In an interview with Rush Limbaugh yesterday, Andrew McCarthy says the mosque builders intend to have it built by the tenth anniversary of the attacks.

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Do you think this man, rather nattily dressed for a nice late summer day, would approve?


  1. I agree, who are these people? Not people who can't get pictures like the one you posted out of their minds...

    If this weren't on American soil, perhaps our Dear Leader would order a predator drone attack.

  2. Those drone attacks are an interesting issue. I think it's part and parcel of Obama's personality that he doesn't have a problem with them. Conservative pundits at least give him points for killing terrorists, but that method kills innocents, too. And, years ago, I believe it would have been a method that gentlemen and soldiers would have found rather dastardly.

  3. Exactly. Also, I cannot understand how it is possible for this President to hold two intellectually incompatible ideas in his head simultaneously---the first, that it is morally acceptable to remotely kill the enemy without a ‘fair trial’ and without attempting to learn anything about his plans, methods, or fellow jihadists, and the second, that it is morally wrong and un-American to waterboard the murderer of Daniel Pearl and 3000 others—in order to prevent future crimes---and that this killer deserves a ‘fair trial’ to be held at great expense and heartache in the ‘living room’ of the victims.

  4. I think I recall reading somewhere that the ability to hold two conflicting ideas in one's head is a sign of genius. If Obama is not a genius, I'd guess the other explanation is that to him, these two contradictory notions simply don't come in contact. He and his perfections are what interest him. Putting KSM on trial renders him perfect in the eyes of his far-left "base." Killing terrorists long distance doesn't affect his inner perfection, and (as a bonus) earns him no criticism from his base or anybody else.