Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The most beautiful movie costume ever

Of course I haven't seen every movie, though I have seen quite a few. And I haven't seen or been properly struck by the glories of every costume ever designed, but in all those movies I have noted my share.

This one made my jaw drop.

It may look ho-hum Tudor, but you must imagine it in color: pink and silver brocade over vivid cranberry-colored underskirt, the cranberry bands on the sleeves all individually hemmed in small, perfect rows of seed pearls. White ruff and lace fan collar. Jewels, of course, though they hardly matter beside the color.

Bette Davis inhabits a gown by the legendary Orry-Kelly, in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex. Oh yes, there's Errol Flynn too, but somehow one forgets him.


  1. That's only too understandable, Mother. Flynn PALES in comparison to Herself, Bette Davis.

  2. May I suggest the "Glinda, the Good Witch," costume, from the Wizard of Oz, as a close second? It has always been my favorite.


  3. Well I wouldn't say he PALES. Maybe he isn't given enough swordfighting to do, and so feels lost.

    And certainly I'll take Glinda as a very close second. Scarlett O'Hara's curtain dress is right up there, too.