Tuesday, December 8, 2009

White light

This lady has led an interesting life. She has two master’s degrees and has lived all over, including in a monastery for a while. Her husband is a minister and a therapist, and they keep ferrets and she is a successful artist and she plays the mountain dulcimer in a local folk music society. People who meet her often find themselves wishing they had more hobbies.

Anyway she says that if you are disturbed by a long-lasting negative memory -- if! -- you should think of that memory, and then imagine something positive – a white light, a flow of good energy – traveling up your spine to your brain. Because the brain can’t handle two different thoughts at once, the white light going up your spine will blot out the negative memory that you are holding in your head. Then, as you imagine the white light or the positive energy knocking the bad memory from you, you tap your clavicle five or six times, right where the neck joins the chest. That “gets rid of it,” she says.

Only one man, listening to her, asked, how do you know you’ve gotten rid of a negative memory if you can’t remember it? They didn't become friends.

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