Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Longing for death

Let me understand this: as far as Mohammed was concerned, the unbelievers' (specifically, the Jews') love of life is proof that they know their religion is wrong, because if they really believed their faith was correct -- in short, if they were Muslims -- they would want to die and go to paradise. From the Koran, chapter 2:94 and following.

"Say, 'if Allah's Everlasting Mansions are for you alone' " -- and when have Jews ever claimed that? -- " 'then you must long for death, if your claim be true!'

"But they will never long for death, because of what they did; for Allah knows the evil-doers. Indeed, you will find that they love this life more than other men; more than the pagans do. Each one of them would willingly live a thousand years."

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