Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Points for prescience

A long time ago I had the idea of writing a short story about a future time in America when everyone's grocery store purchases would be instantly fed into a state-managed computer database, so that the government could keep track of the nutritional quality of citizens' food choices. And even while you were standing in line at the checkout, the conveyor belt could stop and your transaction could be suspended if the computer noticed that you had already bought your quota of fat or sweets for the week.

It may not be in the health care bill, but then again, who knows? Can I get points for prescience?


  1. Consider points given.

    By the way, what wine would you recommend to help wash down the health care bill? Or do we need something stronger?


  2. Probably brandy, which is supposed to be "for heroes." I hope they serve up the good stuff in jail.