Friday, July 24, 2009

Another grand day out

The beauty of "Big Education," as Rush terms it, is that by its commands and arrogant arrogating of your time, it does force you to take the train into your own city and see things while your child is off attending an eight-hour "orientation." (Pretty boring, she said.)

Memo to readers, and even to you, my first and one subscriber, bless you: I've been busy writing for eHow and sundry people who actually pay money up front for content. Crazy. I'd like to finish that essay on how publishing has come full circle from the days of the eighteenth century, with today's revenue-share, web content providers taking the place of the London streetcorner booksellers who bought an author's copyright for a relative pittance but, as a consolation, printed just about anyone literate. I say I'd like to. But thumping out things on actual paper and submitting those actual things through the mail into a magazine's slush pile seems so ... well, it just takes forever.

Still. I haven't forgotten.

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